Add check box to numbers Array

2 months 6 days ago #198879 by bciMDW
I have an array (numbers) question that is mandatory. However, I would like the respondent to be able to skip certain subquestions. I also want this to be a 'conscience' choice that they cannot answer that subquestion (i.e., they can't accidently miss answering it).

My proposed solution to this is to add a checkbox to the question that says 'skip', preferably immediately after the subquestion.

My current question and an image of the question is attached.

We are using version 4.1.16+200407 - (Not sure if it affects the answer but we may have to switch back to version 3.22 for plugin compatibility)

I have looked at the following thread, but am not sure how to use it to implement what I need done:

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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