Condition for Dual-Matrix

2 months 2 weeks ago #197632 by Yonah_
Hi everybody!
I'm working on a survey from my University and a local soccer club.

At one point, in the survey I'm using a Dual-Matrix.

But only, for supporters of the club, if you are not a supporter only the left Part should be displayed.

Is this possible?

For other Question, with the same condition it is:

((G1Q1.NAOK == "A1" or G1Q1.NAOK == "A2"))

or if you're not a Supporter it is:

((G1Q1.NAOK == "A3" or G1Q1.NAOK == "A4"))

Thank you for your help and stay healthy!

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2 months 2 weeks ago #197636 by Joffm
Replied by Joffm on topic Condition for Dual-Matrix
I should say:
Do it the easy, quick, built-in way.

Split the question.

Q1a: Dual array for the supporters; relevance equation: ((G1Q1.NAOK == "A1" or G1Q1.NAOK == "A2"))

Q1b: normal array for the non-supporters; relevance equation: ((G1Q1.NAOK == "A3" or G1Q1.NAOK == "A4"))


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