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We hired a translator and started translating Limesurvey into our language, but the translator had some difficulties understanding the context of the text being translated.
Is there any way for the translator to visually see where the text is, in which page and for what it is responsible, and how it will be more correctly translated?
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2 years 4 months ago #193331 by holch
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This is a little tricky. Where does the translator translate this? In the web GUI there is usually a link to where in the code this would appear. However, I fear this won't help much with the translator, because he/she probably has not technological background.

For someone who is not familiar with Limesurvey it will be difficult to translate certain parts. Even for people familiar with LS it can be tricky sometimes to choose the right translation.

Would be great if there would be a preview showing where this word appears, but I don't thin this exists. If it exists, i would be highly interested as well.

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2 years 4 months ago #193339 by cdorin
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I am personally not aware of any "preview method" that can allow your team to check how it sounds in the software (just the code location as described by holch). I had the same issues while translating to my native language. I was always checking (from time to time) the survey-taking experience since that one is the most important one, and then improving the strings I was not satisfied with. Then, in time, I have also started to focus on the admin panel. Sorry I can't help further in that regard.

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