Dynamic changes to the sender email name

10 months 3 weeks ago #188764 by davebostockgmail
In the admin email field you can place any name you want as the display name so normally I put in [Company] Survey when sending out invites, reminders etc.

We are working on a project with multiple sponsors and to gain increased engagement, I would like to have the email address shown as [Sponsor] Survey where the Sponsor is taken from the custom attributes in the token table.

All other replacements where I use {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} ( the sponsors name) work correctly in the subject line and in the email body but the name is still appearing as {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} Survey in the from name ....

Is this something that cannot be done?

I have placed this in the Administrator field in the settings of the survey.

I am using Version 3.17.7+190627

Thanks in advance

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10 months 2 weeks ago #188797 by DenisChenu

jelo wrote: It might be a bug/missing feature and someone forgot to make the From-Field ready for variable replacement. I recommend to open a bugreport and provide all infos there.

I don't think we forgot :) But just never added suche feature.

For from email AND from name ?

Else : can be done using beforeTokenEmail event.

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