How to find out the company/brand name that have max %

1 year 2 weeks ago #188530 by Ni3
Hi team,

I have a question asking for purchase volume (in %) in company

Q1 (Array - number)

Company Share in %
Company A 20%
Company B 50%
Company C 30%

I want to find out which Company have highest percentages. I need the Company name so that I can pipe it into next question

Next question is
Q2.Please rate the following statements for the company you named [Company Name] where you buy the most ….

I tried using max function in the equation type question but I am only getting the percentage value, how I will gate the name of the company?

Q1a – equation type.

{max(Q1_1_ SQ001.NAOK, Q1_2_ SQ001.NAOK, Q1_3_ SQ001.NAOK)}

Thanks for your help
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1 year 2 weeks ago #188532 by Joffm

you have your equation to calculate the maximum (Q1a).
Just compare the values of the companies with this maximum in an if-statement.

{if(Q1_1_ SQ001==Q1a,"Company 1",if(Q1_2_ SQ001==Q1a,"Company 2",if(Q1_3_ SQ001==Q1a,"Company 3","Company4")))}

Furthermore you have to decide what to do if two companies have the same value.


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