Show 60 time each question from random question pool

11 months 1 day ago #188504 by Chiara_Posadinu
I created a survey with 153 questions, but each participant can see only 10 of these picked randomly from the question pool. But, I also need 60 answer for each question. Is there an automatich way to stop to show the quastions that have 60 answer and keep randomize the others?

Thanks in advance!

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11 months 1 day ago #188510 by DenisChenu

Must construct a plugin for this …

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11 months 17 hours ago #188534 by Chiara_Posadinu
As I thought. Thank you for the confirmation!

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10 months 4 weeks ago #188579 by Joffm
Hi, Chiara,
if you have some knowledge in php and access to your server, you can do an ajax call.
Create a question of type "short text" (let's call it "rq") where you start your ajax call and store the result.
A small php program queries the LimeSurvey database to find all questions with less than 60 answers
and returns a string with 10 randomly selected questions like

In LimeSurvey you put all 153 questions into one group with the same randomization group name.
Then you can set the relevance equation of each question to
question 1: strpos(rq,",1,")!==false // meaning: If the string ",1," was found in "rq", display the question
question 87: strpos(rq,",87,")!==false
question 153: strpos(rq,",153,")!==false


At the moment I am on vacation; so I don't have time to create an example. Maybe later.

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10 months 4 weeks ago #188590 by tpartner
Yes, you could also use the API to detect questions with more than 60 responses but be careful where you put the AJAX call - it will take some time to return a result so should be in a previous group or the relevance may be set before the AJAX return.

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