Set attributes with Remote Control API

9 months 1 week ago #187975 by oledole

I've an app that use the limesurvey Remote Control API.

This API work great so far, but I'm having some problem with the set_question_properties. When I try to change a value under a key such as "title" or "question" it works fine with an array like this:

$array = ["question" => "Question description."];

However I want to change something under the "attributes" key. I'm using a plugin which add some values there, and I want to change it with the API. Array looks like this:
answeroptions: "No available answer options"
extraSurvey: "263147"
extraSurveyQuestion: "Q01"
extraSurveyQuestionAllowDelete: "1"
extraSurveyQuestionLink: "Q00"
__proto__: Object
attributes_lang: "No available attributes"
available_answers: "No available answers"
defaultvalue: null
gid: "803"
help: ""
language: "nb"
mandatory: "Y"
modulename: null
other: "N"
parent_qid: "0"
preg: ""
qid: "3904"
question: "Question description."
question_order: "2"
relevance: "((63178X803X3903.NAOK == "Y"))"
same_default: "0"
scale_id: "0"
sid: "63178"
subquestions: "No available answers"
title: "Q01"
type: "T"

I want to change extraSurvey key under Attribute. However everything I've tried have resulted in message "No valid Data". Example:

$array = ["attributes" => ["extraSurvey" => "111111"]];

Is it possible to change this value with the remote control API? And if so, how can I do this?

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