Conjoint analysis with item randomize

9 months 3 weeks ago #187540 by RitaShen
hi there,

I have a question about the conjoint analysis questions.

can I do the conjoint analysis with randomizing?

like this picture, there are 9 (1~9) features

but I want to show these 9 features randomize.

can I do this with LimeSurvey?


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9 months 3 weeks ago #187547 by jelo
Limesurvey offers no Conjoint-Features. If you want to advance a workaround, please provide a LSS-export and the LS-version you use. Nobody likes LSQ-exports.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #187551 by Joffm
Hi, Rita,

as you know the features in the Conjoint workaround are in a hardcoded HTML table.

The only idea I have is to put the rows into a javascript array, shuffle the array and then display the rows.


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9 months 3 weeks ago #187561 by RitaShen
sorry for that
here is the LSQ-export

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9 months 3 weeks ago #187568 by RitaShen
Hi Joffm,

I just tried to use Math.floor to do the conjoint analysis,
but it seems cannot work on the Limesurvey,
I'm not sure can anyone help me to solve this problem.

Here's the code that for conjoint analysis:
<span> Scenario 1 out of 5 </span>
<font size="3">
<table border="4" cellpadding="15" cellsapcing="0" width="90%">
	<col width="140">
	<col width="30">
	<col width="30">
	<th><b>Candidate 1</b></th>
	<th><b>Candidate 2</b></th>
	<!--Create Placeholders for dimensions names (e.g., "att1") -->
	<!--Create Placeholders for candidate traits (e.g., "a1" for first candidate, "b1" for second candidate) -->
	<td id="att1"><br></td>
	<td id="a1"><br></td>
	<td id="b1"><br></td>
	<td id="att2"><br></td>
	<td id="a2"><br></td>
	<td id="b2"><br></td>
	<td id="att3"><br></td>
	<td id="a3"><br></td>
	<td id="b3"><br></td>
	//Define the Dimensions
		var attRaw = ["Race/Ethnicity","OCCUPATION","PID"];
		var att = ["Race/Ethnicity","OCCUPATION","PID"];
		var attributes =["","",""];
	//Randomize the Order of Dimensions
		for (i=0; i<attRaw,length;i++){
		var rand1 = Math.floor(Math.random()*((attRaw.length-i)-0));
	//Create Variables for Traits associated with each dimension
		var RACE_raw = ["White","Black","Hispanic","Asian"];
		var OCCUPATION_raw = ["Lawyer","teacher","business owner","Doctor"];
		var PID_raw = ["Democrat","Republican","Independent"]
	//Use math.random tp randomly select traits for each dimension for both candidates
		var RACE_a = RACE_raw[Math.floor(Math.random()*RACE_raw.length)];
		var OCCUPATION_a = OCCUPATION_raw[Math.floor(Math.random()*OCCUPATION_rawN.length)];
		var PID_a = PID_raw[Math.floor(Math.random()*PID_raw.length)];
		var RACE_b = RACE_raw[Math.floor(Math.random()*RACE_raw.length)];		
		var OCCUPATION_b = OCCUPATION_raw[Math.floor(Math.random()*OCCUPATION_raw.length)];	
		var PID_b = PID_raw[Math.floor(Math.random()*PID_raw.length)];		
	//Take indexOf the Dimension variable. This is the order of the Dimension variable
		var RACE_index = attributes.indexOf("Race/Ethnicity");
		var OCCUPATION_index = attributes.indexOf("OCCUPATION");
		var PID_index = attributes.indexOf("PID");
        //Use IndexOf Dimension and replace with appropriate trait for CandidateA
	// For instance, if "PID" is the 3rd element in the Dimension variable,
	//this will place Democrat/Republican/Independent as the 3rd element of the forst candidate's attributes
	att_a_traits[RACE_index] = RACE_a;
	att_a_traits[OCCUPATION_index] = OCCUPATION_a;
	att_a_traits[PID_index] = PID_a;
	//Do the same for the second candidate
	att_b_traits[RACE_index] = RACE_b;
	att_b_traits[OCCUPATION_index] = OCCUPATION_b;
	att_b_traits[PID_index] = PID_b;	
	//Create list of variables in the for loop
	att_list =["att1","att2","att3"];
	a_list =["a1","a2","a3"];
	b_list =["b1","b2","b3"];
	//For elements 1 to 3 in the Dimensions, First Candidate and Second Candidate variables.
	//The first line assigns Dimensions to each "id" tag in the first column of the HTML table
	//The second line assigns first candidate traits to each "id" tag in the second column of the HTML table
	//the Third line assigns first candidate traits to each "id" tag in the third column of the HTML table
		document.getElementById(att_list[i]).innerHTML = attributes[i];
		document.getElementById(a_list[i]).innerHTML = att_a_traits[i];
		document.getElementById(b_list[i]).innerHTML = att_b_traits[i];

mank thanks

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