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1 year 2 weeks ago #184256 by viciwest
Hello :-)

For my master thesis I have created a survey. Participation should be anonymous, which is why I cannot ask for name and student ID numbers in the survey. On the last page I would like to include a link to a separate survey in which students can enter their personal information if they would like to receive credit for completing the first survey. However, I also do not want just anyone to be able to enter their information into the second survey if they did not really complete the first survey. Is there a simple way to achieve this? I have absolutely no understanding of lime survey or programming. My question may have already been asked, but I dont understand any of the answers I have found. Thank you in advance!

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1 year 2 weeks ago #184264 by tpartner
Replied by tpartner on topic Link to a second survey
In short, no, there is no simple way to completely secure the second survey unless you use the API to create a new token for the second survey on completion of the first survey. This would require a fair amount of programming.

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