Newbie: Hiding Responses (user interface) Adding a "-" for non-answers

1 year 2 months ago #184009 by eyeballs

Looking for guidance.

The goal is to convert the paper form (attached) to digital with Limesurvey. I would like to hide certain question if "no" is selected and then display others when "yes".

At the end of the survey, I would like all answers displayed with the questions that where not answered displayed with a dash (-) automatically where a free text response would be if it was answered. Keeping the same 3 column formatting, if possible.

For example:

If the individual was not bitten by an animal,the third column would not show. However, upon conclusion of the survey the entire question will print to screen (or email) with a "-" in the space directly below 4a and 4b etc.

Where can i find a working example close to this task or instructions so I can study it.

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1 year 2 months ago #184014 by tpartner
Please refer to the manual - Expression Manager Tailoring/Piping -

So, the piped answer would be something like:

{if(is_empty(Q1.NAOK), "---", Q1.NAOK)}

For the 3-column-layout -

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