bulk import survey txt files

1 year 4 months ago #181736 by it_kjpsych
Good Day

I apologize in advance if this questions has already been answered. In fact I am pretty sure I saw a similar question in this forum some years ago; with a negative answer. But for the life of me, i cannot find it anymore.

My question is rather simple:

Is there any way to bulk upload/import surveys? And ideally activated them all together as well.

The background is that I often created multiple surveys via script, which generates me a txt file which i then can upload into LS. With 800+ survey txt files, and more to come, however, one does go quite mad uploading and activating them all by hand.

Is there anyway to simplify this?

Many thanks in advance.
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1 year 4 months ago #181742 by DenisChenu
Not in core and not actually know .

But you can construct script with API or Plugins.

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The topic has been locked.

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