[SOLVED]: I need to disable sending of the password when user saves response

1 year 4 months ago #181364 by blocka
When a user saves their response for later, they are prompted for their name, email address, and a password of their choice. I see the passwords are saved as a one-way hash in the database, but I do not even want their password emailed to them.

How do I disable sending of the email (if I need to chance source code somewhere, that's fine).

I'm using LS 3, build 190214
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1 year 4 months ago #181366 by blocka
Found the related php files:


Seems to me that there should be a system config option to disable sending of passwords by email... But there isn't, so I just commented out the password line the email code.
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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #181372 by Joffm
Hi, blocka,

well, as the text says:

Save your unfinished survey
Enter a name and password for this survey and click save below.
Your survey will be saved using that name and password, and can be completed later by logging in with the same name and password.
If you give an email address, an email containing the details will be sent to you.
After having clicked the save button you can either close this browser window or continue filling out the survey.
To remain anonymous please use a pseudonym as your username, also an email address is not required.

So, it's the decision of the respondent.
Is he convinced that he will not forget the details, or is he afraid to suffer from Alzheimer disease? ;)
I know that there were a lot of discussions about a wording that clarifies this:
"Email field filled -> mail sent"
"Email field not filled -> no email sent"

IMO you should not turn off this option in general.

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