One Participant - dynamic number of questions based on participant table data

1 year 5 months ago #179002 by hrdatasol
I am trying to use LimeSurvey to do employee reviews. So I have an entry for 1 manager, who has 4 direct reports. This manager should get a survey that has the same question(s) 4 times. But the next manager only has 3 direct reports. So they should get 3 questions for those 3 direct reports. And the direct report's name should be part of the question.
For example:
How is X doing?
How is Y doing?
How is Z doing?
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1 year 5 months ago #179009 by holch
You can create custom attributes in the participant table with the name of the employees.

In the survey you need to create as many sets of questions according to the maximum of employees any manager has to review.

Then you can check via expression manager if there has been set an employee for let's say "loop" number 1, read the name in and pipe it into the survey with something like {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} and so on. If there is no employee name set, then simply hide the question group via relevance equation.

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