Make question (input text) mandatory based on previous answer

2 years 2 months ago #178715 by EdenResident
Hello, my situation is like this.

Q1. I would like to be notified via
  • SMS
  • Email

Then later
Q5. Please enter your email address: [text box]

I want to make Q5 mandatory if the answer to Q1 is Email. I'm already aware of Relevance and it doesn't work here because I still want to collect the email address even if Q1's answer is SMS. Therefore, branching won't work.

Another option I considered is to have 2 email fields (one for SMS - not mandatory, one for Email-mandatory). This works but is too much of a hack and I would only use it as the last resort.

Beside those 2 methods above, is there a cleaner way to accomplish what I need?

Thanks in advance.
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2 years 2 months ago #178718 by DenisChenu

Q1.NAOK != "email" or !is_empty(self.NAOK)

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2 years 2 months ago #178719 by EdenResident
Thank you, DenisChenu! That works perfectly.
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