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2 years 1 week ago #173875 by Ilke01
Dear LimeSurvey Community,

first of all, what a great project! I find it great to provide a self-hosted survey tool free of charge.
Now to my question: I am looking for a tool to let users obtain a personalized report at the end of a quiz/survey/test.
In order to do so, I require a complex set of rules, such as: "If score in question category A is below 5, AND the score in category B is above 10, then show the text block X on the results page." Ideally, I would like to combine different text blocks to generate a personalized report.
Is this (easily) accomplishable with LimeSurvey or should I look for another tool?

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2 years 1 week ago #173876 by holch
This is relatively easy to accomplish with a combination of text display questions, relevance equations and expression manager.

For each question you have a place to put a relevance equation. This relevance equations lets hide/show the question, depending on certain conditions/results.

So you can create different text block within different text display type questions and then hide / show them based on responses.

So you basically create a group with those text display type questions as the last group of your survey and hide/show them via relevance equation.

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2 years 1 week ago #173892 by DenisChenu
Yep, holch are right.

The easiest solution (for managing it more easily) : create some text display question with your blocks (hidden). Set relevance top "what you want", and finally use it at end of survey (or in another ary text question) : like that

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2 years 5 days ago #174032 by Ilke01
Thanks folks!

I will try that.
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