Automatic quota-updates per mail

5 years 2 months ago #143892 by Zirys

is it possible to automatically let Limesurvey send an Email as soon as one or more quotas are (about to) be full with the respective quoata names and details?

This can be helpful in situations where an external company invites participants (from a panel) and the person conducting the questionnaire is someone else. At the moment, the only opportunity I am seeing to keep the panel provider informed about the 'quota-situation' would be to grant him access to my Limesurvey account or to send him quota updates. The latter approach is possible but not as safe as the one I am asking about.

Thanks in advance for answers.

Cheers, Zirys
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5 years 2 months ago #143893 by tpartner
No, that is not currently available. You may want to file a feature request.

Tony Partner

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The topic has been locked.

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