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4 years 5 months ago #134931 by keunes
I'm confused, and annoyed (because I don't understand and the Expression Manager wiki isn't basic enough for me) :P

I would simply like to display a block of text in a group, if the two above questions are answered.
The two questions are: What's your age (DEM_AGE) and What's the stage of life you're in (DEM_LIFE)

I gave the following Relevance Equation for the text block:
DEM_AGE=>18 and DEM_AGE<=28 and !is_empty(DEM_LIFE)

As you can get from above, I only want to display the block to ppl 18,19,...,27,28 years old. It doesn't work; it doesn't display the block.
If I only use !is_empty(DEM_LIFE) it does work, so I guess the 'age' part of my relevance equation is wrong.

(PS. Survey sample files (LSS) don't help me 'cause my university system gives an error when trying to import them)
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4 years 5 months ago #134934 by keunes
Found my mistake :)

DEM_AGE=>18 and DEM_AGE<=28 and !is_empty(DEM_LIFE)
should be
DEM_AGE>=18 and DEM_AGE<=28 and !is_empty(DEM_LIFE)
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