Ranking & prioritizing x out of y (y >x) items and making the question mandatory

6 years 1 month ago #123774 by tpartner
The attached survey works as expected for me in LS 2.06. The ranking question has min 5, max 5 answers and is set to non-mandatory - if I rank 5 answers, I can proceed without warnings, otherwise the expected warning appears.

Tony Partner

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6 years 1 month ago #123796 by holch
Like Tpartner: Works as expected. When selected 5 responses, I can get through. When chosen more or less I get the correct error message.

- Might be obvious, but sometimes we overlook the simple things: You are aware that there is a second question on the page and if you don't answer it you will get an error message (if it is mandatory).
- What template are you using? If it is a standard template that comes with Limesuvey: has it been modified at some point?
- Upgrade to the latest Limesurvey version (I tested it with the latest version).

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6 years 3 weeks ago #124398 by nandan

I upgraded to the latest version and that seemed to do the trick! Thanks a lot for your help!
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