Client created surveys via PHP

5 years 5 days ago #120849 by zaraark
I would like my website visitors to be able to create an account, perhaps on my web own site, and create a new instance of a survey (the template of which I would already have created).

They would have multiple people from their organisation complete their survey (staff survey).

When ready, they would generate a report on their own organisations data.

How much of this might be possible on Lime Surveys?

I'm thinking I would need to manage the accounts and reporting in my own PHP app, and use the API to duplicate the survey as required and mail out survey data entry links?

Does that sound like it would work? Has anyone done anything like that before?

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5 years 5 days ago #120878 by Mazi
Replied by Mazi on topic Client created surveys via PHP
I have worked on similar set ups, especially for Limesurvey projects using 360 degree feedback design.

The work-flow was like:
1. Create one "master" survey.
2. Create another survey to enter potential particpants.
3. At the end of survey 2 redirect to a custom script which:
4. Creates a copy of the master survey.
5. Adds all entered participant to that copy.
6. Creates tokens.
7. Emails survey invitation emails.

Data analysis was either done using Limesurvey's statistics or by analyzing data at Excel (or other tools).

Such a work-flow requires quite some additional coding but it is doable and can easily be re-used for other similar projects.

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