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Time Counter/Countdown and Lock if time is up (per user)

1 week 5 days ago #241377 by Grienauer
I would like to have a feature, where an admin can add following feature to a survey:
Add a time Periode (e.g. 60min) to a survey setting.
When a User opens a survey and clicks on the gdpr consent button on the first page, the time is running and a counter is visible on the website.
When the time is up, the survey response is saved (even if not finished with all questions) and the user can not go on with the questions.
An info is displayed on the page (after he tries to click on a button or even instantly after the time is up.
Is this something which is already available?
Is this something one can provide/code? please PM me.


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1 week 5 days ago #241379 by Joffm
you can do several things.
1. Contact one of the official LimeSurvey partners
[url] www.limesurvey.com/ [/url]

2. File a feature request
[url] community.limesurvey.org/bug-tracker/ [/url]
The same credentials as here in the forum.
Select in the upper right corner "Feature request"
If you offer a donation, there might be a chance that this will be implemented someday.

3. Do it by yourself.
Here a rough idea:
Data are saved each time the submit button is clicked.
On the first page capture the time and calculate the "end time"
On each page insert a script to show the count down
An example
[url] www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_countdown.asp [/url]

After the end time is reached you may
a. display youtr message and hide the submit button
b. display a message and clicking the submit-button skips all following questions


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