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Err04: Cannot Analyze Survey

3 weeks 1 day ago #241002 by ditheo
I have installed limesurvey on my local server and make an alias with custom port (port 9443) public avaiable I can see my survey on every browser up and running ok , But on offlinesyrveys app i get this error. I have enable already json-rpc and create a valid ssl certificate , added to my webserver. However i cannot add my survey on the application. Could you help me?

Limeserver edition 5.6.8
latest offlinesyrveys app downloaded via google play store on Android 13 devices

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3 weeks 19 hours ago #241066 by ditheo
Replied by ditheo on topic Err04: Cannot Analyze Survey
I will reply to myself and to give answers to other users.
It was my fault that I only set my web address only on the form eg. www.example.com and not the full address www.example.com/id-of-survey . After that i can use offlinesurveys

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