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Importing/Exporting Surveys, Tokens and Responses

6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #137722 by kripp88
Hello, I am migrating from Version 2.00+ Build 130802 to Version 2.50+ Build 160606. For a variety of reasons we have chosen to go with a fresh instance database for the upgrade. There is still some information we would like to migrate to the new system though. I am having trouble with two things.
  • When trying to import a .LSA file of a survey to the new instance it will always timeout and give 500 error after about 5 minutes. It has about 40k tokens and 3k responses.
  • I figured instead of importing the whole LSA, I could just import the LSS and then do the tokens separately. Therefore I exported the tokens as CSV from the old instance and am trying to import to new instance as CSV. It is able to import about 10k tokens, but will then stop and say "The CSRF token could not be verified". I also tried increasing max_input_vars to 50,000 with no noticeable difference.

I have tried this same process on other surveys and am getting the same results. Please advise.

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6 years 11 months ago #137727 by holch
I guess you are running in some kind of limit on the server. Either PHP memory or process time.

How about splitting the tokens into batches of 10.000?

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