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API - Getting ONLY active surveys

5 years 3 minutes ago #169492 by LarryF

I work for a university that can accumulate a large number of surveys.

While developing a CATI site that uses the API I have stumbled upon a puzzle.

How do I get the active surveys without first getting all available surveys (list_surveys), then checking one by one their status (get_survey_properties) ? This seems very heavy server-side.

Thanks for your help.
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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #169494 by LarryF
Actually I just noticed that the "list_surveys" function returns the "active" property, I seem to have forgotten it.
Sorry for the useless post !

The actual question I have is : how can I get the title of a survey by id ?
The only survey search by id is "get_survey_properties" and it doesn't return the title. "list_surveys" does but isn't search-by-id, which means I need to do and array_search on every entry to find the right one.

And by the way, how do I get the survey description ? Neither of the above returns it.
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