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interview time catching at the end of the survey

2 weeks 20 hours ago #243688 by ybaver
I want to catch the average time of survey participants so i will change my end URL. For example, if it's less than 3 mins on average, i will create an equation-type question and set them as "disq" in this separate equation-type question. Is this possible?

Your LimeSurvey version: Version 3.23.7+201006

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2 weeks 10 hours ago #243701 by holch

Version 3.23.7+201006

First of all, this really needs an update. hasn't received any update since 06.10. 2020, so for over 2,5 years.

Here an idea: Create a hidden equation question with a time stamp at the beginning of the survey, then one on the last page before the end page and then you calculate the difference between the two time stamps.

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