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Use custom field value as placeholder?

2 weeks 1 day ago #243554 by eavenhuang
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Dear Experts,

I'm just curious if it's possible to include the custom attribute value in the question text. For example we have custom attribute called ticketNumber and I want to show it in the question text, if the URL contains the ticketNumber say 001, then the question text will display 001 as well.. I tried to use placeholder but seems that's not how it should work:(

below is my failed text example
*******Please take a moment to share your thoughts and let us know how you will rate the service of this service ticket.Ticket Number: {TicketID.shown}Ticket Agent: {TicketAgent.shown}

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2 weeks 1 day ago - 2 weeks 1 day ago #243558 by tpartner
The term "custom attribute" normally refers to a token attribute but I think you are refering to a URL parameter.

To access that, it will need to be loaded into a survey question.

See here about prefilling a question via the URL - manual.limesurvey.org/URL_fields#Prefill...using_GET_parameters

Tony Partner

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2 weeks 20 hours ago #243578 by holch
Also, I think .shown is not the correct way to use here.

.shown will give you a answer option as it has been shown in your survey.

However, I assume you save a TicketID into a text box, sow there was no answer option shown, as it is open text.

So {TicketID}, should do the trick, given that TicketID is the name of a text question where you stored the ID to.

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