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get code and asnwer from the previous question.

5 years 10 months ago #156612 by marcomarenco
i've a survey with random question, i would check the answer from the previous question, something like:
A0=(if((A0.NAOK == "nessuna_risposta"), "", strtoupper(A0.NAOK)))

in the survey i've e.g.:

the original sequence is:
1) A0

A0= what is you name?
in A0FB;
Your name is: A0=(if((A0.NAOK == "no_answer"), "", strtoupper(A0.NAOK)))

A1= what's your mom's name?
A1FB= Your mom's name is: (if((A1.NAOK == "no_answer"), "", strtoupper(A1.NAOK)))

if the question A0 and A1 are random, i'm not able to check the answer, is there some command to get the previous question code and text?

something to use in general, e.g.:
PREVIOUS=(if((PREVIOUS.NAOK == "nessuna_risposta"), "", strtoupper(PREVIOUS.NAOK)))

thanks in advance,
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