Technical documentation on LimeSurvey (encryption, logging, firewall)

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Всем привет,

Мы используем LimeSurvey Community Edition, установленное на локальном сервере. Сейчас я ищу документацию, покрывающую три вопроса, перечисленные ниже.
Кто-нибудь знает, шде можно найти такие документы?

1. Encryption - describe how data is being encrypted (AES 256, BitLocker, etc.) and data in transit (I.E. TLS 1.2). Additionally, annotate encryption management, storage, and key rotation strategies using technologies like Thales, Azure Key Vault Premium, Google KMS, etc.

2. Logging / Monitoring / Alerting - describe the logging and monitoring implementation that will be used with this application/solution. This includes capturing key events associated with access, authentication, and configuration changes. Specifically include Log Retention Period for each type of log.

3. Firewalls & Network/Application Segmentation - provide a high level summary of all firewalls rules, Web Application Protection (WAP) services, container segmentation policies, API Application Gateways, VPN or other Edge protection configurations that are in place to protect the solution. NOTE: Web Application Protection (WAP) services should protect all external interfaces. NOTE: PaaS Services should use Private Endpoints - if applicable to the application.


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