Location.lsq error import in limesurvey server

3 years 7 months ago #167811 by fellousdja
hi , i ll try to import the location.lsq file of
"Map/location feature (Android multimedia question) of the offline Survey app"
but i have an error of import

The languages of the questions imported from the file must contain less than the basic language of the questionnaire.
i translated it from french to English..

what modification i have to do in limesurvey server or in the location.lsq file for working importation..

thanks by advance
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3 years 7 months ago #167815 by aaskoura
location.lsq language is English, it can only be imported to surveys that has English as one of its languages. Just add English as an "additional language" to your survey, import location.lsq then remove English as an additional language

Amr Askoura,
OfflineSurveys Support
The topic has been locked.

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