Export of answers with questions without any logical order

3 years 8 months ago #166576 by heyner
Hi, I have a question with the app, some surveys are currently being carried out and an error is being presented as follows.

At the end of a survey are left in the part of View / Edit all right but they come out in random order that is normal as it was before the questions showed them in order that A-> B-> C-> D, now is not the case, Z-> H-> W-> I etc are shown and when exporting these answers, they are taken from the cell phone and to see them in an excel document come out in this way, so you have to order them what you have in this Case hours to evaluate them.

We do this because sometimes it is not possible to synchronize with the server, so they are exported from the cell phone to be manually entered into the server.

Is an application update error? thanks for the answer I hope your help I really need it a lot.
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