New feature: Pre-fill survey details based on previous responses.

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When doing surveys on location one often uses questions asking for the interviewer name or the current location. Usually you have to enter these details manually for every new data set every time. Not a lot of fun…
With OfflineSurveys you can save time by pre-filling these details from the previous response. The pre-filling feature will be available at the upcoming version 1.25 and currently supports all Limesurvey question types besides:
  • Date
  • Sliders
  • File upload
  • Array checkboxes

Adding the feature to your survey for using it at the OfflineSurveys app is simple, it just takes 2 steps:

1. LimeSurvey: Make sure your question has class “prefill” added. To do that add this code to the question or question help text using the source code mode of the Limesurvey editor:
<script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″> $(document).ready(function() { var questionObj = $(“#question” + {QID}); questionObj.addClass(“prefill”); });</script>

2. OfflineSurveys: Activite the “Auto fill survey” feature under Manage Survey > Preferences of your survey.

Another feature that will be available at the new version is to keep synced responses stored on the local devices. This can be configured at "Survey Preferences".

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