Foto and File Upload Issues

5 years 6 months ago #136114 by cbranch
after establishing a test system (ftp-server) including the photo-question we encountered the following issue:
Using the browserversion of the survey the file was uploaded without any issues and it was stored in the corresponding survey folder: ../limesurvey/upload/surveys/<surveyid>/files.
When uploaded via app, it was necessary to add an additional ftp-access for the file storage (in a different folder). Would it be possible to automatically put the survey-files into the corresponding upload folder of the survey like in the browser version?

Also: Using the default data-upload of limesurvey did not work with the offline-app at all (Error: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS).
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5 years 6 months ago #136121 by aaskoura
Unfortunately, we can't do the file upload without asking for FTP access. The file upload function however is set up to mimic LimeSurvey's browser file upload (if you provide the FTP with access to the exact folder: ../limesurvey/upload/surveys/<surveyid>/files. You will be able to see your files as if they were uploaded using the browser, you can access the files from LimeSurvey responses page. )

The standard file upload is disabled... We don't have a single use case to support it (we can't find real use to uploading files on an offline survey.) If you have a valid use case, please share it with us and we will try to support it accordingly.

Personal request: Please help us by answering if the fix works for you or not (referring to the DateTime question post)

The topic has been locked.

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