Extending length of question titles and answer codes

7 years 3 months ago #96627 by patrickdemond
To my knowledge question titles are limited to 20 characters and answer codes to 5 characters. Would it be possible to extend these limits?

I was able to accomplish this myself a few years back by editing version 1.92+ of the source. I extended the limits to 48 characters for both questions titles and answer codes by making a few small changes to the source and altering the questions.title, answers.code and labels.code columns in the database (it was not a difficult task). I would now like to upgrade to version 2.0+, but instead of doing my own edits to the source and maintaining them I was hoping this feature could be added to LimeSurvey. Would it be best to request this feature and leave it to established contributors to implement it, or should I instead attempt to contribute it myself? Note: I have never contributed to the project before.

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