dual scale array: not mandatory but select one entry from both arrays

8 years 9 months ago #70805 by Steve01

I tried using a dual scale array using "mandatory question" = "no". The headers of the dual array was
"rating" | "trend" | "no answer"
The problem is that people can select something from "rating" without selecting a "trend". If I use "mandatory question" = "yes" than the participant has to answer this question.

"rating" | "trend" | "no answer"
3 | up | "_" (something from both arrays was selected)
1 | "_" | "_" (only something from first array was selected)
"_" | up | "_" (only something from second array was selected)

So it would be nice to have some advanded options for specifaing what is mandatory for the dual scale array.

Our last customer survey showed that about 15% of the participants didn't choose anything in the second array. Perhaps some people didn't want to answer this part of the question, but we think that some people didn't realise there is a second scale where they should tell us the trend.

I allready created an idea for this, it's currently awaiting moderation:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,

Stefan Gohlke
LimeSurvey Team
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8 years 1 month ago #84960 by Chuanse
I really agree on this...

TMSWhite wrote on the 8 Jun 12 at 18:14
This works properly in 1.92 - if the question is mandatory (or you specify min/max numbers of answers), an answer is only counted if you fill in both parts of the dual scale question.

This is NOT working in todays latetst version

I have a dual array where people are asked if they use sorts of nutrion like coffee, thee, candy, etc... 14 types of nutrition are defined.

Now for those 14 types of nutrition:
- scale 1 gives them option to set the frequency of usage like 1 time a day, 1 time a week, ....
- scale 2 gives them the option to set the moment of the day the nutrion is used: during the meal, in between meals, both

The problem here is that I really would like to get one of the two following scenarios working... but i can't :(

- or scale 1 (freqency) can contain answer option "NEVER" which would disable scale 2. Makes no sense to ask at what time of the day they eat a product if indicated they never use it...

- or I make the whole array non mandatory, which creates a 3th column with "no answer" AND I require a minimum of 14 answers. However, the minimum answers parameter set to 14 answers does not allow 14 times "no answer" to pass.

Please help? This is for my theses ;(
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