Deletion of questions about which there are conditions

8 years 10 months ago #68717 by hint-of-citrus
Hello LimeSurvey crew,

Once again, thanks for making an amazing thing!

I think it would be helpful if it were possible to delete questions where the question is listed in conditions, and have the conditions automatically updated.

At the moment, it is not possible to delete questions which are in the arguments of conditions on other questions. One has to remove the conditions before the question can be deleted.

I am proposing this because I would like to split a big long questionnaire I have written into four smaller questionnaires, by having some question groups identical in all of the smaller versions of the questionnaires, but having some of the question groups with only a quarter of the questions in.

So - the best future feature would be a tool to split questionnaires into smaller questionnaires. Failing that, a feature that allowed questions to be more easily deleted would be very useful. Currently I estimate I will have to delete 1200 conditions one by one in order to split my one big survey into four smaller ones.

With many thanks,

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8 years 10 months ago #68721 by holch
While it would be helpfull, I don't think that this is one of the priorities. Your case is very specific and I don't think that it happens a lot that someone splits up questionnaires. This is usually either done during the planning phase, before starting to program or it isn't done at all.

I am not an expert in programming, but I can imagine that it is very difficult if not close to impossible to programm a routine that would correctly update conditions. I don't think that you could really rely 100% on this and you would have to check the 1200 conditions anyway.

In general, your case is very extreme. This must be a huge and complicated questionnaire.

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8 years 10 months ago #68882 by Mazi
1. I agree that deleting a question can be improved, e.g. there could be a notice "There are X conditions linked to this question. By deleting the question, the conditions will be deleted as well".
From a coding point of view it should be possible to delete the question PLUS condition(s).
You can add this as a feature request at our feature tracker . Please describe your idea as detailed as possible and try to outline a suitable solution/implementation as well.

Problems might arise if you use chained conditions. This will be hard to track and we'd probably have to leave it to the user to check for such cases.

2. as an alternative to delete all questions manually, copy the current survey and check the "Reset conditions?" option. You can then easily splitt up the copy.
Another alternative might be to export/import groups between the different surveys.

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
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8 years 9 months ago #71174 by TMSWhite

LimeSurvey 1.92 RC1 fixes the underlying problem you describe. In versions <= 1.91+, you could not re-order or delete questions/groups if there were conditions attached to them. 1.92 uses a completely different approach to handling conditions that does not have that limitation. So, you can re-order questions as often as you want. LimeSurvey will update the relevance equations for you, and show you and potential errors via syntax-highlighting. You can also use the "Show Logic File" feature to see the entire survey and all conditions to assess whether there are any errors (you will see pink-colored variables if they are used before they are declared; and you can click on the variable to edit its question).

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8 years 2 weeks ago #85573 by dspaan
Noob question. If i delete a question how can i quickly find out which conditions are linked to the question?
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8 years 2 weeks ago #85581 by TMSWhite
Use the Show Logic File button. It will show as errors any questions that depend upon the one you just deleted.
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