n8n - vote to include LimeSurvey as a Node

1 week 17 hours ago #230925 by spessex
Hi everyone

I'm a n8n user (similar to Zapier and Integromat/Make etc) and would love n8n to include LimeSurvey as an available node. I feel this would benefit both n8n and Limesurvey in promoting each other's services. Additionally, they appear to operate on a very similar basis to yourselves with a fully free self-hosted version and a paid cloud version (docs.n8n.io/reference/license/).

I have started a request for LimeSurvey to be considered for an n8n node some time ago here but feel if we had some more interest behind this from other LimeSurvey users it might help the request get escalated as they're a very responsive and hands-on team.

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I have no affiliation with n8n whatsoever.



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1 week 9 hours ago - 1 week 9 hours ago #230929 by tpartner
Seems to me that this is an n8n issue, not appropriate for the LimeSurvey forum.

Tony Partner

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1 week 8 hours ago #230931 by jelo
Would be surprised to see LimeUsers, which also use n8n.

The n8n developer seem to wait for a webhook to start implementing LS.

You might let them take a look at:

Perhaps that give them an idea to create a small plugin for LimeSurvey.

The meaning of the word "stable" for users

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