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8 years 4 days ago #85655 by JonM

I have been trying to set up a survey using version 1.92 but it is always telling me that my security code is incorrect when I try to save an unfinished survey.

I have checked for this issue online and saw that the suhosin and mod_security extensions can cause problems that make this happen but I have checked and these are not installed on the server our survey is on but cannot find any other mention of other possible solutions to this problem.
Unfortunately after having turned debug to 1 this is no error information for this for me to think there is a problem and it does not allow me to create my own debug output so I cannot really see what is happening.

Is there anyway to turn the security code check off?
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8 years 4 days ago - 8 years 4 days ago #85669 by Ben_V
I've already seen this problem (with LS older version)... when trying to embed a survey using iframe (different domains)...
In fact the verification of the security question was ok with safari but not with ie or ff !
In this case the failure was evidently due to a client-side cross-domain security.
That's all I can say...



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8 years 4 days ago #85672 by JonM
It is not being used like that to the best of my knowledge from what I have seen but thanks for the insight.
Seemed to have narrowed down the problem anyway, the session variable 'secanswer' set in the verification php file is set to a session variable to be checked by the save php file but it is not actually being set or the session variable is being killed before it is passed so it cannot check the given answer against the correct one at the moment.
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