Cannot create a Variable-Length Array (Multi Flexible Text) question

8 years 2 weeks ago - 8 years 2 weeks ago #85188 by Sartan
I'm trying to create a question like this:

The first row is the only one initially visible, but each time you press the [+] button, you see one more row.

I'm following the instructions on

Step 1 is "Set up your survey to use JavaScript (See instructions here )
Step 2 is: "Add the following script to your template.js file."
Step 3: "Replace "QQ" in the function call at the end with the question ID."
I did this on Line 180 in the template.js file. I've pasted the contents of my template.js file into .

Step 4: "Create one or more Array (Multi Flexible Text) questions"
I created an array question with question-id called "Associations".

Please help.
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8 years 2 weeks ago #85232 by Sartan
Replied by Sartan on topic Solved
I solved the problem by doing 2 things:
1) I used the question ID, and not the question code, in the template.js file (note to self: when I make a copy of the template, I should not expect to find the copy in the same folder as the originals (/limesurvey/templates). Rather, the copies are in /limesurvey/upload/templates)
2. I switched from clear_logo template to "default" template and things just work.
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