Is there a template with a CSS popup for the question-mark explanation text?

8 years 2 weeks ago #85181 by blanka
I was puzzling to give the survey a cleaner look. I was wondering if it is possible to move the explanation of a question to a CSS popup instead of showing it below the question? Is there a template that does this?
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8 years 2 weeks ago - 8 years 2 weeks ago #85203 by DenisChenu

Not included in default template. But you can do something with this kind of HTML/CSS:
	<div class="question-text">
		<span class="asterisk">{QUESTION_MANDATORY}</span><span class="qnumcode">{QUESTION_NUMBER} {QUESTION_CODE} </span>{QUESTION_TEXT}
        <div class="showhelp">Show the help
	<div class="question-help">
	<div class="help-wrapper">
		<div class="mandatory error">{QUESTION_MAN_MESSAGE}</div>
		<div class="tip">{QUESTION_HELP}</div>
	<div class="answers-wrapper">
(adapted from citronade)
.showhelp:hover .question-help{position:absolute;top:1em;left:0}

It's a quick not tested solution, and you need some js for IE6/7. But you can do what you want with some HTML/CSS skills.


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