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8 years 4 weeks ago - 8 years 4 weeks ago #83161 by opirnia01
We are using limesurvey 1.92+ build 120623

For slider answers we wish to have the format as usual, sub question with answer slider bar to the right. We would, however, like for the default slider bar to be longer.

here is what it looks like with no changes (by default)

and here is almost how we wish it to look

Is there a way I can make the slider answers begin and end at the same place instead of having where they begin and end change depending on the length of text in the subquestions?

Here is what I added to the end of template.css (changed a little from code I found in answer to )

.numeric-multi ul {
width: 100%;

.numeric-multi li {
width: 100%;

.numeric-multi label {
float: left;
display: block;

.numeric-multi div.multinum-slider {
width: 80%;

.ui-slider-horizontal {
width: 100%;

fyi: I don't really know .css code at all, just found code that seemed almost right and have changed it a little.
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8 years 4 weeks ago #83196 by tpartner
Well, as it says in that post, "these styles are for the default template and may need to be modified for other templates".

What template are you using?

Can you activate a sample survey for us to see the source code?

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8 years 4 weeks ago #83207 by opirnia01
Thank you for getting back to me.

I am using the bluengrey template (renamed to copy_of_noprivacyNoprogressBluengrey [we took off privacy as we have to use initial IRB screen and progress since we are using subquestions so it's misleading) but since it said settings in other thread were for default I did try them with that template also (same results though).

Overnight another worker did something and it looks ok now for us on both netbooks and laptops. I'd liked your code because it used percents so resized nicely (I was hoping for iphones too).

Not 100% sure what he's done, he did not put settings at the end like I was doing based on instructions in other thread. I think he actually changed coding for slider questions.

I've activated testing survey and it is here Really all is ok now though. thank you. (note: first question, which is really a group of subquestions with sliders, was what I was working on; second question only exists as I was comparing layout to first question. We use limesurvey to run pair comparison surveys.)

Unless you have ideas on how we might have slider width change depending on computer/phone displaying survey, our present hard coding (he actually set the pixels I believe) is sufficient. All is well and I'm sorry to take your time.
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