Errors using Chinese translation

9 years 3 months ago #85675 by mshaw
We have been very pleased with our tests with Limesurvey until we tried to use the Chinese translation. This is an important feature for us and we have not been able to get it to work.

We have attempted auto translate, manual translate but can not get anything to save... just errors.

I am including some screen shots of the errors we see. Please comment with any suggestions or experience that you have.




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9 years 3 months ago #86706 by jun9
With the latest Version 2.00+ Build 121009, I just tested the manual translate, it works, i.e. translation is saved. No errors. I do not have a google translation api key, so auto translation not tested.
Can you please upgrade to the latest version and re-verify if problem persists?
Plus, I am not sure this is a Chinese language specific problem, if not the Development Forum may be a better place to post your errors.
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7 years 11 months ago #104985 by deserteagle
similar problem, I create question and translate one by one, then can't start the survey due to some question not finished which is invisible in frontend.

the problem is when you create question one record(en) will be create in database, when you translate, 2 records(en and cn) will be create, but one is dummy record without data which can't pass the check.

it's better translate at the end in one time.
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7 years 10 months ago #105772 by telesytems
You have mentioned great information, it really helpful for me.
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