Can I import languages in LimeSurvey?

8 years 2 weeks ago #98209 by ajparag
We are going to do a research in India using LimeSurvey. We need the English script to be translated in 7 different languages. We have the translations available with us in word and excel file formats. My question is can we import these translations directly from excel/word? or do we have to implement each and every language manually in the script?
I understand that if there is an import feature we may have to adjust the translations according to the requirement of the script and where it fits/accepts it. We are ready to do that. Please let us know which file format do we need to use and what procedure can make our lives easy :) B'cause implementing 7 languages in 4 60 mins survey manually will be quite a task.

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8 years 2 weeks ago #98212 by DenisChenu

Not guaranteed, but try with TSV import system (excel/OOcalc use), this need group title are same for each language.


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