Automatically go to next page when embedded youtube video has ended

8 years 3 months ago #77000 by davidspivak

This might be a bit tricky but I'm pretty sure it's doable.
I have a page with a 'text display' question. In it there is an embedded youtube movie that automatically starts playing when the page loads.

What I would like to do is this:
1. Hide the 'Next' button in this specific page.
2. Automatically make the survey go to the next page when the player has finished playing.

Now I did a bit of googling and I know there's a function called "onStateChange" (src: ) which is fired whenever the youtube player's state changes (states could be "unstarted", "ended", "paused", etc.).

So basically the puzzle parts are there, but I just can't put them together since I don't know how to code these things or where to put these pieces of codes.

I'd appreciate any help,
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