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Hi all,
We are importing survey questions and answers into our own interface for our staff to read. We had initially done this with unwieldy static shell script. We were looking to do a straight MySQL INSERT SELECT but are having difficulty with the JOIN. In the lime_survey_tokenID table there are field names that appear to be a CONCAT(sid,'X',gid,'X',parent_qid,title) from lime_question and in other cases it appears to be a CONCAT(sid,'X',gid,'X',qid) and some end in "comment".
Is there one format or naming convention for the field names?
Is there a JOIN method that can link the survey with the actual questions?

Thanks in advance.
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8 years 4 months ago #76058 by mdekker
Something like the below SQL should do the trick, some questions also have the answer code / title appended. If you really want to know how this works, check out the createFieldMap function in LimeSurvey. Easiest would be to create a custom script using LimeSurvey internal functions to assist in the mapping of database field / question.

SELECT CONCAT(q.sid, 'X', q.gid, 'X', q.qid) AS sgq, q.type, q.qid, q.gid, q.question, q.title, q.other, q.question_order, g.group_order, g.group_name, g.description, sq.title AS sq_title, sq.question_order, sq.question AS sq_question, sq.scale_id
FROM <questions_table> AS q
LEFT JOIN <group_table> AS g ON q.sid = g.sid AND q.gid = g.gid AND q.language=g.language
LEFT JOIN <questions_table> AS sq ON q.qid = sq.parent_qid AND q.language = sq.language
WHERE g.sid = <sid> AND g.language = <lang code> AND q.parent_qid = 0
ORDER BY g.group_order, q.question_order, sq.scale_id DESC, sq.question_order

Menno Dekker
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8 years 4 months ago #76065 by TMSWhite
Another option is to do it this way .
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8 years 4 months ago #76176 by Mazi
I think a simple SQL will get very complex. Better make use of a script that uses the createfieldmap() feature inside Limesurvey and then create several inserts, maybe depending on the question type.

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8 years 4 months ago #76235 by support_kingventures_net
Thank you all for the replies. We are going to look at the limesurvey functions to do this.
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